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It's safe to say we are all OBSESSED with the Ruched Inman over here! I wear one 4/5 days of the week because they're just what I feel great in! The fabric is like nothing else I've ever come across in my ordering days!!
+ it's a natural fibre {bamboo} that's creamy against your skin
+ has this incredible bounce that once you feel it on, you just *get it*
+ washes like iron - literally - mine have seen a loooot of life over the years, and they're all still worn regularly and look great!
+ speaking of washing: they are very easy to maintain - wash in your washer, hang dry

We love Ruched Inmans with leggings, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, pencil skirts, joggers, dress pants - or pretty much anything you feel comfy in! They're very easy to wear dressy or casually.

There's a reason why I keep bringing this amazing, timeless top in! Come try & feel/find out.

- Grey French Terry Fabric: You have to feel this fabric to understand. It has this incredible bounce and flow that feels like a hug when you wear it. It's creamy, buttery soft, and made natural fibre :)

Easy care - we suggest washing cool and hanging to dry for garment longevity :) 

Open Sizing - if you like fitted, go down a size or two. If you like a little flow, stay closer to your normal size! You want to fit your arms and shoulders, and the rest will flow.


Classic Black

Heathered Grey: our favourite creamy light grey with subtle flecking

Estrella: deep indigo-navy with subtle darker flecking

Fado: vibrant red with subtle darker flecking

Madeira: rich rust with subtle flecking

Guersney: the perfect combination of kelly green and turquoise, with subtle flecking

Lionfish: deep denim-y blue with flecking

Sintra: that hunter-kelly green that's so hard to find! {with flecking}



XS - Fits XS, S, M

S - Fits S, M, L

M - Fits M, L, XL

L - Fits L, XL, 1X

XL - Fits XL, 1X, 2X +

More questions? Feel free to send [email protected] with any sizing questions. We are obsessed with Bryn Walker, and would love to help you find your size :)

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