*while quantities last!*

I'm a little late posting what our plan is because it's been so hard to know what is *next*

Things I do know for sure:

- Our shop-front is CLOSED!
We know it's absolutely the most responsible thing to do right now, to stop any spread of germs. I want to keep you guys, my AHmazing shop-family, and everyone's loved ones in between SAFE and HEALTHY. We all know the best (and only) way to do that is "distancing" in every way shape and form! We feel it necessary to do our part, however we can 

- If you've been with us for any amount of time, you know home delivering / drive-bys  / facetime / texting 99 pictures / all the other crazy but awesome things , have always been part of our charm 
I will 100% keep doing that, and am sooo happy to do it for ANYONE in or around GP! We know pretty new things can help anyone feel good, and as you know, making you feel good is what we're here for!! 

- Hillberg & Berk locations are all CLOSED at least until the end of the month. We have a huge selection on hand, plus we are ready with all the new exciting things coming ☺️
I am so so happy to deliver / drive by / ship any Sparkle you need for just because / gifts / occasions / pick-me-ups !




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